Humble Indie Bundle Update!

I wrote yesterday about the Humble Indie Bundle, which just got even niftier with the addition of Samorost 2 to the bunch. So that’s 6 indie games for whatever you want to pay. There’s just shy of 2 days left in the deal, and there’s really no excuse not to go for it. (Note: any who have already purchased the bundle get Samorost 2 as well; it should be on your download page already.)

I’ve played a bit of Samorost 2 at this point, and it’s a great addition so far. I’m a bit of an adventure game junkie (my 2009 GOTY was Time Gentlemen, Please!) and Samorost 2 is a bizarre and lovely point-and-click affair. It’s hard to write about these kinds of games without ruining them, but there’s an early puzzle involving a monkey, a bug, a fly, and a spiderweb that delighted and surprised me. It’s a very simple game so far (referring to elegance and lack of complexity, not difficulty), but it replaces some of the overwrought designs of more complicated adventure games with the joy of exploring each level just to see what will happen, and then stumbling on some ingenious little effect that is the beginning of a solution to an elaborate puzzle. It’s those “aha!” moments of finding the thread that unravels the whole tapestry that make adventure games wonderful, and so far Samorost delivers.

You can buy it direct from the developer for five bucks, or you can buy the whole Humble Indie Bundle for five bucks (or less!)


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